Jan 8, 2018

5 Things to Keep in Check While Organizing a Rock Concert to Make It a Huge Hit

written by brandstard

Rock concerts can be a huge hit or a huge miss. And we’re sure that you being the event organizer would prefer the former. From making sure that the performing artist is properly taken care of, organizing the best rock concert possible to getting all the fans at the venue at the desired place on time, rock concert management is not a task to be taken lightly. However, for an event management company or an event manager, handling all kinds of events, including rock concerts is all in a day’s work provided they know what they’re doing.

A rock concert is easily one of the toughest events to coordinate, no matter how good an event organizer you are. So, to further help you out, here are five important things to keep in check while organizing a rock concert to ensure it’s a rockin’ success!

The Artist

Keep in regular touch with your prized artist, meaning his PR team or agent. This is if you already know which artist is going to be performing. If you don’t have a rock artist or a rock band selected yet, then you’d have to make some calls to rock bands and organisers in your city or from another city to see which dates they’re free to perform at the required venue.

Once you know which artist is going to be performing, make sure to be professional at all times but maintain a personal touch too. The artist’s agent will expect the best treatment for his client. And as the event organizer, you will have to make sure his accommodation, pick up from the airport, local transport, etc. is taken care of without a single glitch.

The Venue

Next, start calling up various venues to check their availability. When and where is this rock concert going to take place? Sometimes you might have a date in mind, but your desired venue is booked and vice versa. Also, the artist/band is on a tight schedule and isn’t going to wait around for venues to get free. So make sure that you already have a date and place booked well in advance. Some venues need to be booked several months in advance. Also, make sure that the date you select doesn’t clash with another major musical event happening in the same city or other cities. You don’t want to lose your crowd.

The Advertising

What’s a rock concert if you don’t have the fans head-banging to their favorite artist’s music while chugging down on cans of beer? Get the word out by getting flyers, posters, standees, and banners made and make sure that they go up all over the city. They must contain all the important information regarding the rock concert, such as –

  • The artist/band that’s going to be performing
  • The date, place and time
  • The cost of tickets; different price ranges of tickets
  • Any special offers/discounts
  • Food/drink stalls, if any, at the concert
  • Sponsors

Also, mention where people can buy tickets in advance from; if they can book online or purchase them elsewhere. Use the power of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to get people talking about this rock concert.

Advertise in local newspapers and on the radio too. Find out if any TV channels are willing to cover the rock concert. Contact the press and make sure to give them plenty of notice before your event. Follow-ups are highly important to make sure you get good coverage. Keep a guest list open to a few lucky ones. Make sure that the marketing gets more aggressive in the run-up to your rock concert.

The Arrangements

Next, you would have to work out the technical arrangements for the concert. Find out what equipment/sound system is available at the venue, and what the rock artist requires. You, as the event management company or the event manager, would already have tie-ups with many A/V equipment vendors/suppliers. Make sure everything is available at least one day before the show so that there are no last minute surprises. Do a sound check the day before the show, practice stage timings, check the time slots allocated to each artist (if there is more than one performing), so that one doesn’t overlap the other, check how long changeover might take between sets, etc. Work out all the nitty gritty’s and don’t leave anything to chance. On the final day, have enough people in the backline and who’ll do the running around backstage, as the show is going on.

Final Touches

Last minute touch ups are essential to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Make a checklist if you have to and tick off what’s done and what needs to be done. Is the guest list ready? Is anyone to be added? Is the public aware of all the details of the concert? Do you have all your gear in place? Is someone working the door? Rock concert management isn’t rocket science but it helps if you, the event manager, is prepared for any unexpected turn of events.

For an event manager, the questions are endless but with the right planning and the right attitude, and keeping these five important points in mind, your rock concert is sure to be a smashing hit!

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