Jan 8, 2018

5 Ways in Which You Can Make Your Product Launch a Grand

written by brandstard

Launching a new product isn’t as easy as it used to be. Now, with the kind of fierce competition that exists in the market, you have to prove to your target audience that not only is your product good, but it’s better than your competitors’ – and this is where it gets tough.

Take the mobile phone market for example. Even though the iPhone is still at the top of the food chain, Apple always has to watch its back for its very close competitors like Google and Samsung. The newer phone companies like OnePlus and Mi Phone are claiming that their phones can do everything the iPhone can, and do it better. So then what happens to Apple’s sales if this were to start changing the minds of their devoted iPhone users?

Be it the electronic industry, the automobile industry or any other product-based industry, companies are releasing newer and better models at the speed of light. Advertising and marketing a new product may be easy but getting the attention of the public is extremely difficult. What makes your product saleable or better than your competitors’? Why should devout Samsung users switch to OnePlus? Why should a BMW believer change to an Audi? And even if your product does get some attention, it is quickly pushed out of the minds of the audience as “something better” comes and takes its place.

Which is why launching new products are best left to the professionals. As an event management company, you will be required to organise and execute stellar product launches for your client. Here are five tactics which you can use to make your product launch a grand success.

  1. Start early – Don’t wait until the main day of the product launch to get media attention. Create build-up at least a month into the main day or what event managers like to call a ‘rolling launch’. Promotion activities well before the main product launch will have people talking about it while you prepare for the big day.
  2. Make the product available to influencers – Influencers can be loyal customers who are already familiar with the company or brand, serial bloggers who have a strong social media presence, or famous people. Give them each a product as a giveaway. Have them use it and write their reviews on it or post about their user experience. The public love nothing more than buying a product that has already got good user reviews. Event management companies usually have great contacts so bringing in influencers should be a piece of cake.
  3. Use the power of social media – Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, use all these powerful channels of social media to advertise your product before its main launch. Create a Facebook page inviting people to come to the launch, tweet about your new product and why people need it, post pictures of it on Instagram. Ace event managers know their way around social media marketing. Offer incentives to your prospective customers such as discounts, a buy one, get one free offer, etc. One brand that has mastered the art of using social media is none other than – you guessed it – Apple! Their ‘coming soon’ tweets and ‘leaked’ photos of their latest phones waiting to be launched create an aura of curiosity and intrigue amongst the masses that automatically builds interest.
  4. Try something unusual – Describe the need for your product in a non-quintessential way. Post a funny video on YouTube, conduct a survey that proves the value and credibility of your product or come up with interesting infographics that explain the value of your product. Customers are tired of seeing the same old thing at every product launch so give them something that will stick in their minds and make them remember your product. Product launching is easy but good product launching is an art. And any good event manager should know the art of product launching.
  5. Teach people about your product – On the main day of the product launch, you will obviously have staff manning the stalls and explaining to customers about the nifty features of your new product. However, getting the public accustomed to the product before the launch with the help of demos, product videos, downloads and free trials will leave a bigger impact on them. Also, try getting marketing partners involved by giving them a small stake in the success of your product launch. You need to have as many people as possible talking about the upcoming release of your new product.

Follow these five simple tactics to ensure that your product launch is a grand success.

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